Words of Windows Blog

Words of Windows Blog

02.17.15 Zero & Low interest rate loans
Low interest rate loans for Vinyl Replacement Windows available to Connecticut homeowners. CHIF offers zero interest loans for various energy conservation improvements such as: Vinyl Replacement window! Read More
04.07.14 Prevent mold and rot in a bathroom
How to STOP CONDENSATION - Get Rid of Black Mold and Clean Mould. Read More
08.16.13 Caulking for beginners!
How to caulk a windows, how to cut a caulk tube! You can use this technique to caulk almost anything! Caulking is the final touch of any install. Read More
06.28.13 Impacted rated hurricane glass
We Install impacted rated glass, bullet proof glass, and security glass. Watch Me Test the strength of these windows. Read More
10.16.12 Window won’t work after I cleaned it
How to fix a window after you tilted it in without clearing the lip. This is our number 1 call back on vinyl replacement windows. Read More

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